DPF Damp proofing London Ltd
DPF Damp proofing London Ltd
DPF Damp Proofing London Ltd. Damp Proofing - Basement Tanking - Full Plastering Services - Rendering - Plastering Contractors - Rising Damp - Mould Eradication - Condensation - 30 years guarantee - Tel 0208 3869426
DPF Damp Proofing London Ltd. Damp Proofing - Basement Tanking - Full Plastering Services - Rendering - Plastering Contractors - Rising Damp - Mould Eradication - Condensation - 30 years guarantee -  Tel 0208 3869426

Professional Damp Proofing And Plastering Contractors based in Borhamwood, North London.

We at DPF Damp Proofing London Ltd are a friendly, professional, dedicated company specialising in damp proofing and Plastering; Experts in the cause and treatment of the eradication of rising damp, mould condensation build up.

We are based in Borehamwood, North London, just off the A1 within close proximity of the M25 and M1 motorways, and are happy to serve within a 50 mile radius. We offer a comprehensive range of Damp Proofing and Plastering  Services to home owners and property developers.  We can work in conjunction with your builder to get the job done.



The Chemical used comes with an optional 30 year guarantee

Basement kitchen conversion ,tanked and plasterd

What is Rising Damp and why does it happen?


There are a few reasons. In many cases the first sign is above the skirting board the paint starts to bubble and dark patches appear.

  • The reason for this may be the damp proof course has become ineffective and breached there's moisture/damp coming up through the ground and saturating the bricks and plaster 
  • Another reason - the patio has been laid higher than the d.p.c. and damp is getting in over it
  • Next possible reason - in the cavity could have debris built up and this can breach the two

The cure is apply a liquid damp proof course and plaster with a chemical barrier to prevent moisture geting from outside inside. This process is done in stages and this Damp proofing is what we do.


Damp Proofing and Plastering Contractors, Borehamwood, North London


DPF Damp Proofing

London Ltd

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If you think you have rising damp, you can call for a FREE survey.

If we think it deserves a second opinion, we will call in a Surveyor (fee applies).

A quote to do the work is FREE

If you are worried about condensation (this can appear in kitchens, bathrooms and where drying clothes produce a buildup of stale air), we will need to fit an electric device called a HRV in the wall to cure this problem.

up to 30 year guarantee on rising damp

10 year guarantee on condensation

5 year guarantee on mould

>>Damp proofing and Plastering Advice is given free<<


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