DPF Damp proofing London Ltd
DPF Damp proofing London Ltd
DPF Damp Proofing London Ltd. Damp Proofing - Basement Tanking - Full Plastering Services - Rendering - Plastering Contractors - Rising Damp - Mould Eradication - Condensation - 30 years guarantee - Tel 0208 3869426
DPF Damp Proofing London Ltd. Damp Proofing - Basement Tanking - Full Plastering Services - Rendering - Plastering Contractors - Rising Damp - Mould Eradication - Condensation - 30 years guarantee -  Tel 0208 3869426

Rising Damp Treatment


Rising damp is a terrible problem and will not go away if left. In fact it will get a lot worse.

The picture on the left is an example of what needs to be done when there is rising damp. This is a ground floor flat at the back of a shop in Finchley North London, the tiled floor had the appearance of being damp and also the walls a lot of the time. The owner called us out to do a survey and it was plane to see the old DPC had crumbled in places and the tiles were laid on sand and cement which was just laid on top of the soil.

We striped all the walls back to brick, dug out the old floor, put in a damp proof membrane insulation and screed. The walls we injected with a chemicel damp course and tanked floor to ceiling and the room was skimmed smooth ready for decoration and inhabitance once again.




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If you think you have rising damp, you can call for a FREE survey.

If we think it deserves a second opinion, we will call in a Surveyor (fee applies).

A quote to do the work is FREE

If you are worried about condensation (this can appear in kitchens, bathrooms and where drying clothes produce a buildup of stale air), we will need to fit an electric device called a HRV in the wall to cure this problem.

up to 30 year guarantee on rising damp

10 year guarantee on condensation

5 year guarantee on mould

>>Damp proofing and Plastering Advice is given free<<


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